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Healthy Food might not be the Fitness Food


Why To Choose Diet1st

  • Diet1st uses the best quality raw materials available in the market in our food preparation to become the Most Effective Diet Food Supplier in Delhi..

  • We don’t use oil and excess spices in our food by any reason ,that’s why our food are freshly made to build up the taste to make a healthy Diet Menu Plan.

  • Our food are customized according to the individual’s goal.

  • The food which are prepared in there kitchen are planed by the dietician and fitness expert to be able to provide the requires nutrition according every individual goal.

  • We do not use cheap and low quality packaging materials, we rather use high quality packaging materials.

  • Our food are not just healthy like those who are available in the market, but our food are goal and fitness specific which will really help in resolving your health and fitness issues.

What We Use

Nutrition facts



1. Protect against Parkinson’s
Apples are a very healthy food choice for fighting against Parkinson’s. Research has demonstrated that individuals who consume products of the soil high-fiber substances pick up a certain measure of security against Parkinson's, an ailment described by a breakdown of the brain's dope-mine-creating nerve cells.
2. Curb all sorts of cancers
The fact remains that several compounds including- Triterpenoids, found in apple peel have potent anti-growth activities which forbid cancer cell growth in breast, liver and colon. In the meantime National Cancer Institute of United States has also recommended a high fiber intake to reduce any risk arising of colorectal cancer.
3. Decrease your risk of diabetes
Apples are an excellent fiber rich food supplements that are very active in blunting blood sugar swings. It has been established that the Women consuming at least an apple a day reduce their chances of developing type 2 diabetes by around 28%.
4. Reduce cholesterol
Apple is also very healthy food because the soluble fibers present in apples combine with fats in the intestine and hence assist in reducing the cholesterol levels of the body. Hence apple is as healthy as you want it to be.

Dish of the Day

Multigrain Chicken Momos

Recipe Of The Day

You must have heard about wheat momos, but even they are not made with purely whole wheat, 50% maida are always mixed to make it softer, stretchable and cheaper. Even if they are whole wheat, the inside story is the same as the other momos. These momos doesn’t have chicken breast or low fat paneer and they are not even oil free.
But our multigrain momos doesn’t contain more than 5% of maida which is necessary to prevent it from breaking. And our momos are filled with chicken breast boneless in non veg and low fat paneer in veg without using any oil or fat.
You can always enjoy the taste of our momos and still stay fit and healthy. Even our sauces are healthy as we don’t use excess salt which increase the sodium content and which is bad for our health and fitness.

Latest From Our Blog

People eating healthy food 20%

People eating junk food 70%

People eating fitness food 10%

ABS are not just made in the gym but in the kitchen.

You must have heard and seen people working out in the gym doing 1000s of crunches and doing hours of cardio sessions everyday, but even then fails in making the abs visible or shed out the flab from the stomach. Though resistance training like abs exercises and cardio vascular training like jogging and cross training are important to achieve a good physique but even after so much of hard work it doesn’t guarantee you that you will look as you wish to look. The reason behind it is the diet. The fact is that physical exercise plays only 20-30% of the roll and rest depends on how do you eat and what do you eat.

Eating habits is the most important part. That’s why you should always have a diet plan according to your goal and choose the food which suits your body and goal.. says the diet expert of “Diet1st”.

Dieting doesn’t mean calorie deficit diet plan or low calorie food but the food composition should meet your need. E.g a professional body builder of 100kgs need 1.9-2gms of protein per kg but a lifestyle body builder may need 1.6-1.7gms of protein per kg, their nutrient focus is protein cause they break more on muscle tissues and that’s why need more protein to repair them, so as a marathon runner runs more than 30 kms every day, that’s y they need 50-60% of carbs from their diet cause they burn more glucose and fat to be able to run for long duration.

About Us

Our company "Welstar Fitness and health solutions pvt.ltd" is providing the fitness consultancy through diet and exercise since 9 years.

We have the expertise in solving the health and fitness issues through natural diet and exercise. We are running personal fitness studios in Delhi and online fitness consultancy globally.


  • Nitish Rai

    I weighted 160kgs 8months back. And now I am weighing 97kgs. I could not do it without the "Diet1st" meals, which are tasty while keeping the health and fitness benefits.

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