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Eat & Stay Healthy!

Get Healthy Meals, Every Day!

The services of Diet1st include: Quality and Healthy Meals, according to your taste and preferences delivered at your door step. We provide Affordable food and Healthy Cakes. Our idea is to serve Healthy and High Quality Meals in South Delhi and Delhi regions and also affordable in prices so that it can be a part of your daily lifestyle.

No compromise in Quality!

We select Best and Fresh vegetables, and ensure that the food you get is prepared from fresh, high nutrients, and top quality vegetables.

There are many home delivery services in the market, but they charge so much, making it difficult for you to afford! Also the food they supply is not fresh, but we believe in fresh and high standard food, at your door step, and we make sure, what you get is fresh, delicious, nutritious as per recommended by Nutritionist and is not heavy for your pocket!

We make sure that the warmth of our homely touch reaches your highest expectations. Be it food, service, delivery. We keep elevating our quality standards to new levels.

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Food that keeps you FIT!

These days, everybody is concerned about their health, and fitness. We provide food that keeps you healthy, and fit! We also provide counselling for Weight Loss and Weight Gain Centers. If you love attending parties and at the same time you are a fitness freak or health conscious then you might be doing all or one of the following options to manage your health along with Parties - Tips by Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Eat at home and then little bit of drinking with few snacks.
  • Get your food at the party along with you.
  • Eat whatever available and then try to burn out the next day or days.
  • Eat and vomit (which is common these days). You can say that you tasted it but didn’t eat it.

But imagine if you could have your favourite dish/food the way you want according to your fitness or health needs, and you could enjoy it without any quilt.

Then it’s time for your imagination to come into reality with the diet1st’s fitness party service.

We consider your health important than anything else, and we want you to stay fit and healthy! Without sacrificing those tasty and traditional foods, which becomes important on some occasions. We offer fitness party service, through which you will get your favourite dishes stuffed with the nutrition you need.

You can choose your Fitness Food Menu here.

About Us

Our company "Welstar Fitness and health solutions pvt.ltd" is providing the fitness consultancy through diet and exercise since 9 years.

We have the expertise in solving the health and fitness issues through natural diet and exercise. We are running personal fitness studios in Delhi and online fitness consultancy globally.


  • Nitish Rai

    I weighted 160kgs 8months back. And now I am weighing 97kgs. I could not do it without the "Diet1st" meals, which are tasty while keeping the health and fitness benefits.

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